Giant Woodcut Peace Project

≪Collaboration plan≫Produced BANGACOSMO-242 with paper crane recycled paper "Heiwa Orihime"!Purpose / The world's largest & longest woodcuts are produced with recycled paper cranes.Lending at events in various places and transmitting love and peace from Hiroshima.[Lending conditions]

● Limited to public organizations or corporations.

● Transportation and setup will be borne by the organizer.

* Please contact us for details.


■ What is recycled paper crane

• Colorful paper cranes can be seen everywhere in the Peace Memorial Park. Origami is one of the traditional Japanese origami papers, but today it is considered a symbol of peace and is folded in hope of peace in many countries. The reason why paper cranes are thought to be linked to peace is related to the girl Sadako Sasaki who died of leukemia 10 years after the bombing.


• Atsuko Sasaki (12 years old at the time) was bombed when she was 2 years old. However, in the fall of the ninth grader of elementary school nine years later (Showa 29/1954), suddenly the symptoms of illness appeared, and in February of the following year, she was diagnosed with leukemia and admitted to the Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital. He continued to fold cranes with wrapping paper in hopes of recovery, but died on October 25, 1955 after eight months of fighting sickness. With the death of Reiko-san, a campaign to create a statue to comfort and peace the spirits of children who died in the atomic bomb began, and the `` Image of the Atomic Bomb Child '' was completed in the Peace Memorial Park through donations from all over the country. Did. Later, this story spread to the world, and even now, "The A-bomb Child Statue" is dedicated to paper cranes from around the world, including Japan, and the number is about 10 million a year, about 10 tons in weight. climb.

                                                                                                                     * Quoted from Hiroshima City website  

■ Use this donated paper crane as recycled paper ...

 <We will make paper cranes on recycled paper and inherit the idea of peace>  Origami recycled paper "Heiwaorihime" (registration number 5615155)• Kinokawa Paper Industry Co., Ltd. Origami Reconstruction Project At our company, the paper cranes dedicated to the "Image of the Atomic Bomb Child" at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima City were brought to the recycle paper, and many thoughts on peace were entrusted. We share with people and make efforts to sublimate. Let the paper cranes turn into recycled paper and pass on your thoughts on peace. We treat each thought of paper cranes carefully, unwind yarns, clips, straws, etc., pulp them with a washed kettle, and make them into recycled paper.

 * Quoted from the Kinokawa Paper Industry website