1956 Born in Nasu Onsen Yumoto (Tochigi Prefecture)

1983 Converted from a guitarist to a printmaker and started a solo exhibitionWorked on many concert posters for jazz musicians (such as Richard Davis) in 1992

1994-1998 Visited the United States to hold a solo exhibition at a gallery in NY

1999 SOHO Cast Iron Gallery (First solo exhibition in USA)

2000 Presented modern art works at CHELSEA

2001 Nikko Kanaya Hotel (private exhibition) Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel (Tatsuzo Shimaoka, Tatsuteru Kimijiima exhibition)Nasu Kogen / Kokusoku Folk Museum (announcement of sketches prints)  Broadcasting of production scenery on NHK (Tokyo metropolitan area broadcast)

2002 Rockefeller Plaza Building 1 FGALLERY (private exhibition) Midtown NEW YORKSalem Gallery (personal exhibition) Chelsea NEW YORKNorthern Culture Museum "KIMIJIMA Prints Exhibition" (Niigata Prefecture)Columbia University (Public) Upper West Side NEW YORKNew York Film Academy (Public) Union Square NEW YORKNY art office opened Brooklyn NEW YORK

2003 "BROADWAY" production, Rockefeller Plaza Building, GALLERY M (single exhibition) Upper East NEW YORKHiroshige Museum of Art "KIMIJIMA -The World of BANGA" (Tochigi Prefecture)Relocated to NY Art Office SOHO with gallery and JM Gallery Special Artist NEW YORK

2004 NASU Ginga Kogen Museum New Year Special Project-Printmaker Tatsuteru Kimijima Exhibition (Tochigi Prefecture)Nikko-Yumeji Takehisa Museum of Art-KIMIJIMA  Print Exhibition (Tochigi Prefecture)

New York resident artist exhibition and biennale selection exhibition (special treatment) NEW YORK

Special exhibition at NASU International Biennale (Tochigi Prefecture)

Former Mojiko Customs Gallery Tatsuteru Kimijima Exhibition (Fukuoka)

2005 Produced "Reiko Yodogawa", Yodogawa Temple Main Hall (Fukushima Prefecture)  "Honkai-Honkai" production, Ako Oishi Shrine worship hall (Hyogo Prefecture)

2006 "Tatsuteru Kimijima Print Exhibition" sponsored by the Kawamura Foundation for Cultural Promotion (Shizuoka Prefecture)Producer of "Samurai", Embassy of Brunei (Tokyo)Produced "Four Seasons of Eizo", Sotoso Daihonzan soiji Sanshokaku (Kanagawa Prefecture) Genso Okuda and Sayume Museum of Art-Exhibition Room "International Artist, Tatsuteru Kimijima" (Hiroshima Prefecture)"Gold medal" production, Setagaya Gakuen (Tokyo)

Moved to Hiroshima City

2007 Former Mojiko Customs Gallery TatsuteruKimijima Exhibition (Fukuoka Prefecture) Production of Zen Peace and Syoukoji Main Hall "Heiwa" (Hiroshima Prefecture)

2008 ≪Start of enormous woodcut design≫

2009 KIMIJIMA-CM Gallery opens at RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima

2010 Studio & Gallery moved to the same city

2014 Giant woodblock print "BANGA COSMO-242" completed. Guinness World Record registered as the world's largest and longest woodcut.

2019 Currently producing works in Japan and overseas