Welcome to the world of BANGA COSMO-242!BANGA COSMO-242 is a woodcut produced by printmaker Kimijima (real name / Ryuter Kimishima). KIMIJIMA was born in 1956 in Nasu Onsen, Tochigi Prefecture. I entered printmaking at the age of 27, and made Japan and New York activities. For the first time in Hiroshima, which I visited during my solo exhibition in 2005, I decided to move to Hiroshima City with my family in order to know the actual state of atomic bombs and to send out world peace from Hiroshima.

"If you want to send world peace with prints, you can't convey your thoughts unless it is the best print in the world."Four years have passed since the conception and preparation, and production started on June 2, 2010. The Great East Japan Earthquake that broke out the following year tells us that "peace is lost in an instant. Yes, world peace is one person, one person, one country, one country and one face nature." KIMIJIMA went to the affected areas and continued to support and support them.Ask many people to write a message of peace on the back of the woodblock. I received it and continued carving alone without drawing. Over time, BANGA COSMO-242 was completed over 4 years.Super large woodcuts for 242 tatami mats, when arranged in a square, form a huge 20m x 20m woodcut, with dragons and dragons appearing around the sun. Moreover, when arranged in a horizontal line, it becomes a story with the theme of life, and its length is 220m.Each of the 400 square meter and 220 meter woodcuts was recognized as a world record by the Guinness World Records on November 16, 2014.


2006 ... Emigration to Hiroshima

2009 ・ ・ ・Studio relocationProduction started at Kannondai Studio on June 2, 2010

* YouTube ↓August 2010 Broadcast in NHK Good Morning Japan (National Broadcast)Neighbors of the studio wrote a message of support behind the woodblock.

The time has come to increase with each person and eventually aim for 10,000 people.

・Hiroshima Institute of Technology joint project "Love and Peace Message 10,000 People Project" started

≪ Hiroshima Institute of Technology website ↑ ≫


December 17, 2014 Engraved 180 woodblock prints at the special studio!

≪ YouTube ↓ ≫

On December 20, 2012, 180 pieces of woodblock prints are arranged for the first time at Hiroshima Institute of Technology.180 tatami-size woodblocks, 300 sq.m.Abandon the sliding work ...


Add 64 to 400㎡, aiming for the best in the world! (Hiroshima Marina Hop)

July 2014 Carving completed.August 19, 2014 is completed.Survey on November 16, 2014 ↓

full length=220m



20m×20m 400㎡


The world's largest woodcut, the world's longest woodcut, Guinness world record registration!

(* Photo shows the world's largest woodcut certificate)


Guinness certified memorial mural "Myth of the brush" production



≪ August 28, 2016 "24 hours TV love saves the earth" live broadcast≫

August 27, 2016 Exhibition preparation

(Tsuruku Gakuen, Hiroshima Institute of Technology Arena Gymnasium)

August 28, 2016 12:00-live broadcast

≪Start of Giant Woodcut Peace Project≫

The woodcut you made is in Fukushima!October 5, 2016 Sukagawa Arena Exhibition

Currently, "Huge Woodcut BANGA COSMO-242"It is kept in Kimijima's hometown Tochigi Prefecture for display in various parts of eastern Japan.The woodblocks are stored in Hiroshima City and can be produced at any time."BANGA COSMO-242 x recycled paper crane"Production continues to convey love and peace from Hiroshima to the world.




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