Started selling the world's best print art

15/09/2019 19:20

The giant woodcut "BANGACOSMO242", which was certified by Guinness in 2014 and has the world's largest 400m2 (20m x 20m) and the world's longest 220m (1.8m x 220m), will be ready for sale. There are two types of black single color slides and hand-colored prints. The price is 22 million yen (excluding tax) for single color slides, and there are a limited number of "hand-colored woodcuts" that are colored on Japanese paper and set at an exceptional amount from 500 million yen. Producer Tatsuki Kimishima, who also serves as the director of the Art Conservation Organization, says he wants to use the funds for the creation of the museum. Is the person who has the best print art in the world the best champion in the world?